Top 10 Cheap Galil AR Skins in CS2

Top 10 Cheap Galil AR Skins in CS2

By: Poopcie

In this article, we continue exploring the best cheap skins for all weapons in CS2, and today the spotlight is on the best budget options for the Galil AR. Nicknamed the AK’s little brother, this weapon is not to be overlooked when considering an eco round. Speaking of economy, let's not waste more time and jump right into the best skins for the Galil that won’t break your real-life economy.

Galil AR | Cold Fusion

Let's start this list off with one of the most popular Galil skins, the Cold Fusion. Despite the hard-to-believe price of $0.35 for Factory-New condition on Steam, this skin is not to be overlooked. If you won’t use the Galil much but still want a nice-looking skin for basically free, this blue-themed skin with skulls imprinted all across the weapon body is the perfect option.

Galil AR | Signal

Continuing with the simple aesthetics of the Cold Fusion, consider purchasing Signal if you prefer a red theme. This skin has a black background, with a red hue and overlaid lines and accents. It is similarly affordable, being $0.46 in Field-Tested condition on Steam.

Galil AR | Rocket Pop

Galil AR | Rocket Pop gives a nice burst of color to your Galil skin compared to the previous two skins. Featuring a blue/white color palette with red lines tastefully overlaid over the blue geometric designs, this skin is totally worth the price tag of $0.84 for a Field-Tested on Steam.

Galil AR | Stone Cold

The Galil AR | Stone Cold features a shiny blue and black color palette in a diamond pattern, making it a perfect choice for any blue-themed inventory. If you want to enhance it further, slap some blue stickers of your favorite teams on here to make it look even better. This skin is a perfect choice when considering purchasing a budget Galil skin, with this skin only costing $1.47.

Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami

Although the Crimson Tsunami is not as craft-friendly as Stone Cold, this skin standing alone is just fine. Illustrating a crimson sky along with waves similar to Katsushika Hokusai's famous painting “Under the Wave off Kanagawa.” In terms of artwork, this skin might just be the best you’ll find for the Galil. You can find this on Steam right now for just $1.44 in the Field-Tested condition, but of course, you can save more by using Bitskins.

Galil AR | Eco

Just like the name suggests, this skin is great if you’re looking to save a few dollars on a Galil skin, or maybe if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly recyclable gun. Its green accents jump out at you contrasted with its white background, and has a fun play on words, with a recycle symbol and barcode. You can find this in the Field-Tested condition for $3.98 on Steam, or save 18% by using BitSkins!

Galil AR | Chatterbox

Galil AR | Chatterbox takes a much different approach than Eco, depicting a beaten down rusty gun, painted with a scratchy yellow paint with a skull in the middle as its centerpiece. Purchasing this in Battle-Scarred condition only adds to this vibe, and you can find this on Steam for $7.17, a bit pricey but worth it.

Galil AR | Vandal

If you enjoyed the vibe of that last skin, check out Galil AR | Vandal. This has the same dirty beat-down look, but with a green color palette this time, white flames on both its stock and barrel, and design elements like a skull and “SOS” carved into the metal body of the gun. This skin is much more affordable compared to Chatterbox, however, with a price tag of only $0.62 on Steam in the Field-Tested condition.

Galil AR | Dusk Ruins

If you thought the last two skins were unique, take a look at the Galil AR | Dark Ruins. This skin has a pattern straight from Temple Run, with red leaves shrouding the carved stone design. This skin is actually cheaper in the Souvenir version, costing $2.55 for a Field-Tested on Steam.

Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration

Lastly, we have the Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration. It has an almost psychedelic pattern, featuring overlapping neon colors that jump out at you in 3D. The body of the gun has a zebra pattern, with a star design on the mag and various trippy numbers on the stock and barrel. For a Field-Tested condition on Steam, it will cost $1.68, or save up to 26% using Bitskins!