What CS2 Cases Have Knives?

What CS2 Cases Have Knives?

CS2 cases are the foundation of the entire CS2 skin economy. While some items come from collection packages during operations or souvenir packages, most of them come from cases. Arguably the most important items that are only obtainable through cases are knives. Knives are “Rare Special Items,” more commonly referred to as golds, in CS2 cases. However, not every CS2 case has knives; some have gloves, and if you are picking a case to open or invest in and want one that contains a knife, you may be left wondering: what CS2 cases have knives? To answer this question, we have gone through every CS2 case and created a list of each case containing knives.

Every CS2 Case With Knives:

Dreams and Nightmares Case

Operation Riptide Case

Fracture Case

Prisma 2 Case

CS20 Case-Classic Knives Only

Shattered Web Case

Prisma Case

Danger Zone Case

Horizon Case

Spectrum 2 Case

Spectrum Case

Gamma 2 Case

Gamma Case

Chroma 3 Case

Operation Wildfire Case

Revolver Case

Shadow Case-Shadow Daggers Only

Falchion Case-Falchion Knives Only

Chroma 2 Case

Chroma Case

Operation Vanguard Weapon Case

eSports 2014 Summer Case

Operation Breakout Weapon Case-Butterfly Knives Only

Huntsman Weapon Case - Huntsman Knives Only

Operation Phoenix Weapon Case

CS:GO Weapon Case 3

Winter Offensive Weapon Case

eSports 2013 Winter Case

CS:GO Weapon Case 2

Operation Bravo Case

eSports 2013 Case

CS:GO Weapon Case

DON’T BUY THESE CASES TO OPEN THEM! If you want to get a knife, you are better off buying one; you will save a lot of time and money, especially if you buy the knife you want from BitSkins.